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         At Alma Wellness, our goal is not only to relieve pain, but also to help our patients attain optimal health. This is achieved through patient-centered care, individual wellness paths, and specialized techniques in pain and symptom relief. As practitioners of holistic healthcare, we work to treat patients as unique individuals. We welcome active participation by the patient in their own health, and embrace a wide variety of techniques so as to serve each patient’s needs. 

         Serving the Kitsilano community since 1995, Alma Wellness was founded by Dr. Speakman as a chiropractic clinic, evolving over the years into a multi-disciplinary clinic where patients are treated holistically. From Active Release Technique to Bowen Therapy, and more, this approach to patient centered care enables Mark and his fellow practitioners to give people the treatment that will benefit them the most.

Our team of exceptionally trained and experienced professionals takes pride in what they do — helping people in the Vancouver community get better faster. From every member of the Alma Wellness team, patients can expect warm efficiency, compassion, and grace.


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