Practitioners & Staff

 Mark Speakman

kits chiropractor
Owner and operator of Alma Wellness, Dr. Mark Speakman is proud to host so many experienced, and compassionate practitioners. He currently provides chiropractic care to his patients.

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Dr. James Grimmett, BA, DC

Kits chiropractor
Dr. James Grimmett provides chiropractic care, including ART to his patients at Alma Wellness.

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Carmen Parsons (RMT)

kits massage therapist
Carmen Parsons is a massage therapist, specializing in techniques such as deep tissue work, fascial release, trigger point therapy and Craniosacral work.

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Charlene Haun (RMT)

Charlene Haun is a massage therapist who graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005. Some of the techniques that she uses include muscle energy, deep tissue massage and trigger point release.

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Jonathan Damonte

kits naturopath
Jonathan Damonte is an instructor and provider of Bowen Therapy. He provides this therapy, as well as naturopathic remedies to his patients.

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Morag Wehrle (BA, MA, RMT)

Kitsilano massage therapist
Morag Wehrle practices massage therapy. She has treated nervous system conditions, musculoskeletal pain, sports-related injuries, digestive system issues, and provided stress relief.

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Dr. Marni Ross (Naturopath)

Kits Naturopath